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Our Top Wholesale Chicken Meals

At Specialised Chicken, we have a wide range of delicious wholesale chicken meals available. Here are our top products.

Garlic Balls

Our 40 gram chicken balls infused with a creamy garlic butter centre are delicious. They are Australia’s favourite!
Chicken garlic balls

Kentucky Tenderloins

Our Kentucky Tenderloins are an 85 gram natural tenderloin fillet that we coat in a tasty Kentucky-style tempura batter. 
Kentucky style tenderloins

Jumbo Breast Kebab

Our Jumbo Breast Kebab comes in at a whopping 140 grams and is coated in delicious, crunchy crumbs.
Jumbo breast kebabs

Ham and Cheese Croquette

Our Ham and Cheese Croquette are made with chicken
ham and cheese with a lightly crunchy crumbing. 
Chicken ham and cheese croquette

200 Gram Oven Ready Garlic Kiev's

We sell delicious 200 gram garlic filled boneless chicken Kiev that is sure to please. 
Garlic chicken kiev

Cooked Chicken Meat

We have tender chicken cooked chicken meat available for sale. They have an extended shelf life of up to 40 days. Thighs and chicken breasts are available. 
Cooked chicken meat

Aussie Kebabs

Our Aussie Kebabs are made from 120 grams of delicious chicken thigh meat which is then coated in a tasty tempura coating. They are guaranteed to stay moist and tender when you cook them!
Aussie chicken kebab

Gravy Beef Rissoles

Our delicious beef rissoles are filled with gravy.  Tasty on their own, but even better inside a bun.  Taste them today!

Aussie chicken kebab
Contact us today for our delicious range of wholesale chicken products. 
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