School Approved

Specialised Chicken Catering for Schools

We offer a range of wholesale chicken products that are ideal for being sold at schools. All of our products are Amber approved. 

Garlic Chicken Balls

Our delicious garlic chicken balls are made from 40 grams of succulent chicken mince infused with our own special garlic butter centre. The original and still the Best!
Garlic chicken balls

Char Grill Breast Fillet

Our char grilled chicken breast fillets are fully cooked with a char grill. Since they are char grilled, they are not only delicious, but healthy as well. 
Char-grilled breast fillets

Cooked Chicken Meat

Our pre-cooked chicken is delicious and tended. It has an extended shelf life of up to 40 days! Breast, thigh or mixed available.
Cooked chicken meat

Chicken Chippies

Our new and improved chicken chippies are 25 grams of succulent chicken mince lightly coated in a crunchy crumb. They are better than ever and sure to be popular with all the kids!       
Chicken breast chippies

Kentucky Style Tenderloins

Our delicious Kentucky-style tenderloins are 85 grams each and they are coated in a tasty tempura batter. Enjoy the real flavour of Kentucky with our "can't stop at one" Kentucky-style tenderloins.
Kentucky style tenderloins
Our school approved chicken products are sure to be popular at the cafeteria. Contact us today!
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