Finger Food

Delicious Finger Foods Available from Specialised Chicken

Have a look at our wide selection of delicious chicken finger foods that we have available. Our tasty finger foods are perfect for functions and events. 

Chicken Cheese Balls

Our Chicken Cheese Balls are a 25 gram tempura coated chicken ball with a delicious cheesy centre. These are perfect for any finger food function.
Chicken cheese balls

Chicken-Ham and Cheese Croquette

Our Chicken-Ham & Cheese Croquettes are a combination of minced chicken, filled with chicken-ham and tasty cheese. Great as finger food, and kids love them!
Kentucky lucky wings

Chicken Mexi Bites

Our Chicken Mexi Bites are 40 grams of succulent chicken breast mince with a spicy Mexican salsa filling. They are guaranteed to put some warmth in your mouth and belly!
Chicken mexi bites

Gravy Beef Bangers

Our 100gm gravy filled beef bangers are a delicious gravy filled beef sausage, coated in tasty orange crumb. Perfect for any on the go snack.
Gravy beef banger

Flavoured Kebabs

Our kebabs are 120 grams of tender thigh chicken coated in your choice of marinade – plain, BBQ, satay or honey soy. 
Flavoured chicken kebabs


Our nuggets are 20 grams of succulent chicken breast. The kids will love them! They are great for fussy eaters.
Chicken breast nuggets

Smoky BBQ Wings

Our Smoky BBQ Wings are fully cooked chicken wings marinated in a wonderfully flavourful smoky BBQ marinade. 
Smoky BBQ wings

Arancini Balls

Our traditional style 50 gram Arancini Balls are filled with rice and a delicious supreme pizza filling coated in a crunchy potato crumb. 
Arancini balls
Contact us for a delicious range of chicken finger foods you are sure to love. 
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